'In her music, you can detect influences ranging from the skittering female-centred rhythms of The Slits and The Raincoats; the bleak, bewitched emoting of Portishead's Beth Gibbons; the otherworldliness of Björk; the fire of Nina Simone, as well as more contemporary electronic sounds. There're some big names in that last sentence, and rightly, because you should expect big things from Mwen...' -
Rich Morris (Soundblab.com)

'Interesting stuff...I can't imagine anyone right now who's making songs that sound like her...'  -
Scratcha DVA (Rinse FM)

'A talent, no doubt about that...' -
Joe Muggs (Music Journalist / Blogger / Reviewer)

=== NEWS ===

My sophmore EP has landed (FINALLY)! 

 It's been a bleedin' long time coming but at long last my second EP 'Lovers' has come to see the light of day! This week in fact!
It was released on OBE (same label as always) and is currenly available from most good download stores.  It's been a long road giving birth to this EP, at last I can rest (and plan for the next that is...!)
Enjoy and spread the news! xx

I'm going to be playing a special gig at The Nest in Dalston this week to celebrate this release. Check the 'live shows' tab for further deets - it's going to be, wait for it, EPIC.

Polaroid 85 'Escapist' EP OUT NOW on iTunes! 

Dear all and sundry, 
It gives me great pleasure to announce that the long awaited Polaroid 85 EP 'Escapist' is finally out and ready for your consumption! It's been a long time coming and we worked hard to put it together so I hope you like it.
You can now purchase your very own copy here: 


Then what you should do next is come down to the Bussey Building in Peckham on the 15th of June for a special EP launch live performance featuring a lovely string quartet! It's going to be awesome and lovely. Bring your mum.

Enjoy the new music!

Polaroid 85 'Escapist' EP Release! 

It is with great pleasure that I post this bit of news from Mwen world.  In the not too distant future (9th of June in fact) Polaroid 85's sophomore EP 'Escapist' is to be released on Reel Me Records!  We've been working hard on it for quite some time and having it birthed into the world at long last will be a joyous joyous occasion!

Here's a preview of the tracks via Reel Me Records' Soundcloud:

You'll be able to get your hands on the EP exclusively from iTunes on 9th June then from all good records stores shortly after.
But wait, there's more!
On the 15th June we'll be playing a special EP launch live show - the best one yet - featuring a live string quartet! It's really going to be one not to miss.  So don't!

Gig review (oh yeah, played a gig the other day) 

So clearly I forgot to mention that  I was going to play a live set this month out in East London. Well, I did...On the 14th March. I really am getting quite absent minded where this here website of mine is concerned! How shameful.

ANYWAY, the gig was great, the crowd was amazing, everyone danced and all my new songs and stuff (to be revealed online in time) went down a treat.  This is how I percieved things at the time and turns out so did a lovely reviewer in the crowd.

Here's a review I found posted about my set.  Luckily, I didn't know I was being reviewed at  the time - not sure the resulting write up would have been qutie so glowing 'cause of all that pressure and what not.
Here have a read: http://autonomymusicgroup.com/rising-mwen/


Kane FM Guestmix 

It seems I've been spending a lot of my time doing guestmixes for radio shows. Can't complain really, few things make me happier than rinsing it up on the mix and sharing fresh tunes with the world.  
Have a listen to a swift mix I did for the Wizard Sleeve show on Kane FM.  If you like it, click through to my Soundcloud page for the dowload : ) While you're there, you may as well help yourself to other mixes I've done in the recent past - they're all available for download. 

'Moves' EP - The Remixes 

Here's some exciting news - My 'Moves' EP which was released in March earlier this year is to be followed by a remixes EP due out on Monday 30th July! Exciting times indeed.
If you haven't already, here's a chance to sample some of the electronic delights that will be on the release. Once your appetite is adequately whet you'll be able to buy the EP from the usual download store suspects - iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Juno etc.

*** UPDATE ****: The Moves EP - The Remixes is out NOW! Available from all good download stores! I recommend the Beatport download store personally : )

Frequency FM Guestmix 

Last week I did a wee guest dj mix for the lovely ladies of the Queen of Clubs show on Frequency FM Leeds - I keep forgetting to mention these guestmixes in advance!
It was the usual mix of 130bpm/Bass & Riddims.  Hope you enjoy! I enjoyed mixing it.

Take a listen...

BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson on 6

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